Phonography / Phone Photography Contest - 08

Street photography is one of the things I find very fascinating as it captures the everyday public life. Taking candid pictures of strangers who are completely unaware you are doing so.

As I take a stroll along the streets, I can patiently stand in a place and wait, to capture those moments in the lives of total strangers.

I love focusing on the simple man/woman on the streets, who happily go about their normal day businesses with zeal and vigour.

Below are stories in images.

The man carrying the ladder could be doing it for someone else to earn a reward.

The lady seems to be lost in deep thoughts as she walks along the way.

The 'Bole' seller (roasted plantain) waiting for her customers to come patronize her.

The lady in a thoughtful mood with her back strapped to her back.

This photo was taken in the morning and it could be this man was off to work.

The Bike riders with their passengers.

The provision seller waiting for her customers.

The 'Keke' rider on his way to their park.

A phone call? What is it about?

The birds are not left behind, they also have to 'work' for their food...😄

This is my entry for the phonography Contest by @untilwelearn.

All photos belong to me.

Thank you for the contest.

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