Phonography/Phone Photography Contest - 01

One of the things I love doing so much is shopping, either shopping for groceries, household items or clothings or even footwears, I just love shopping. But sometimes when I'm not up to it maybe because of financial restraints or other factors, I just window-shop. In these pictures, I bought some and window-shopped some 😄

Here I was checking out some clothes that could look good on my Mom.

They sell very nice stuffs here.

I couldn't resist these cherries, they were looking so succulent, I bought some. In case you don't know, I love cherries so much especially when it's ripe and succulent like these ones.

I bought some groceries from this store and you won't believe it that they were cheaper than what I thought.

I bought some packs of Twisco, a chocolate drink powder. I'm also a sucker for chocolates and I love them in my teacup.

I bought a basket of these fresh tomatoes because I love buying them in larger quantities. I use them to make tomato puree and then store them in the freezer. It's cheaper this way.

An array of beautiful and colourful Crocs here but I didn't buy any, that would be for another day.
I did what I love doing, shopping and window-shopping and it was a beautiful Sunny day 🌞🌞🌞

All photos are mine.

Thank you @untilwelearn and @ecency for this phone contest.

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