We’ll Always Be Friends.

Hello lovely Hivers, How's it going?



I'm feeling happy to receive some those amazing photos (so it's mine now..😃) from a Friend, exactly my Ex. We broke up a couple of years ago; however, we are still in touched and be good friends until now 🙂

Can you be friends with an ex?
The answer is not simple, right? I know some will disagree and I understand as everyone has their own opinion. I remember when was in early 20S, I found it painful and emotional after a breakup. I didn't even want any contact with my former partner and it took me so long to get over heartbreak. Now I'm telling myself "stupid girl, waste time to hurt yourself ..."🤣

How about now? When I get older and more mature, I learn something that there are many great reasons to stay friends with an ex. Well, It still depends on what the relationship was like since few relationship ended up for different reasons (good or bad)

Friendship with an ex is possible
For me, I currently feel good and find it easy to maintain a healthy relationship with my Ex.
Someone understands me, knows my craziness and provides positive support; especially during this tough time.





I have been telling him about Hive but he seems busy to join here. 🙂 Hopefully, you will be here one day and become my supporter 🤣
Thank you my special friend for sending very beautiful flowers ( from his garden) and allowing to post here.

Hope you all have a great week ahead. Stay strong, stay safe

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