Phonography / Phone Photography Contest

Hello! Good day.
I noticed this phone photography contest from @untilwelearn 's announcement post. I'm interested and willing to participate to share some of my photos. All the photos I took myself were used only by phone. So I love to participate in this contest.

In this contest, I would like to share some of my favorite photo. These photos were taken when I visited to Bagan. Bagan is an ancient city in Myanmar and also known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The photos I wanted to share in this contest are not about Bagan but the snaps that occur during the Bagan trip. The photos I want to share today were taken when I felt like, "it's now, just take it.". Let me introduce one by one.

1st Photo

While I was going around the bagan with my E-bike, I saw a lot of goats coming my way.
At first, I stopped the E-bike ‌and just look at them. But suddenly I feel like I wanted to take a picture, and I took it right away. I really satisfied with the result and saved as a memory.

2nd Photo

In Bagan, the best way to visit is by e-bike rather than by car. You can visit everywhere freely. Riding the e-bike by ourselves is more refreshing and has a soft adventure-trip vibe too. This was my first time riding an e-bike, and I really love this feeling. I suggest not riding in the afternoon because it's too hot there.
The weather is really hot that day, it's over 40°C. So we took a rest under the tree to cool down. At this time I looked at my E-bike and thought I should take this E-bike photo to save as a memory and took it right away. I love this photo too.

3rd Photo

Hand painting in Bagan is famous, and many visitors are trying to experience it. This photo was taken when I was on the bus. The lights were turned off, and I wanted to take a photo before they were erased. So I took it with a phone flash light. I think the result is not that bad.
All these photos are just a part of the memory of my feelings during that trip. whenever I saw these pictures, I can easily remember those feeling.

@untilwelearn Thank you so much for creating this contest. I think this kind of contest can really encourage to all phonographer like me. I hope many people participate and shares their memories.


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