Photochain Challenge: 139th Edition

Hi everyone 👧.

This is my entry for Photochain Challenge: 139th Edition for the key subjects of STREETLIGHT and SIGN

To know more about this contest, you may click the link HERE.

By referring the above picture, my another key subject for the challenge is CAR.

I took this picture during my breakfast with my friend yesterday. The scenery above that I captured was just opposite the Cathay Food Centre in Penampang Sabah, where we're having our breakfast.

We're having rice vermicelli soup with Char Siew pork meat and chicken slice meat for our breakfast.

We did not forget to have non-sugar black coffee as our breakfast drink. In addition, we also have Char Siew Chee Cheong Fung (steamed rice noodle roll with roast pork meat) as our side dishes.

That's all. Thanks for reading my post 🤗.

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