Season Hunt challenge-WARM OUTFITS - Warm up in winter!

Hello everyone! This week the theme of the SeasonHunt challenge is WARM OUTFITS. This post is my part of this challenge. It's a lot of fun so I invite you to join too. Here are all the details: @barbara-orenya/season-hunt-challenge-we-are-bac32e2386a2c
I am sure there will be many who want to participate, since we all have a lot of warm things to keep warm in the cold season.
I want to start with hot tea, which keeps us warm when we're cold. But is it possible to warm up hot tea? Yes!!! 😃


In our country, apartments have no heating. Therefore, in winter (now) it happens that it is warmer outside than inside the house. I start drinking tea when it is hot, but by the end I finish drinking it already cool. In order to keep the heat of tea you need to insulate the cup 😄


I like it!!! ☕😊


In Israel, you rarely see carpets on the floor. After dust storms, that happen often throughout the year it is difficult to clean the carpet. Therefore, knitted woolen socks are very necessary! I have socks made of natural sheep wool and I love them in winter.


I do ballet for you 😁🙈


In addition to warm socks, there are also knitted warm slippers. My husband has these - a gift from our friend who knitted this for him. These slippers keep your feet warm too.


I asked my husband to show us these slippers but my husband decided to do ballet too 😅🙈

I am very cold - therefore, in addition to warm socks, I also need warm slippers.


In winter, I rarely wear trousers. Most often I wear warm breeches. Therefore, in order not to freeze in the shins, I want to show special warm outfits. These are leggings!!! 😍


Snowflakes and deer are woven here. I adore them! ❄️😄 I really love ornaments with northern motifs.


The warmer the yarn, the warmer the thing. These leggings are knitted from wool yarn (I knitted them myself) and are very warm.


I decorated them with colorful pompoms. This looks very fun 😍



You may be wondering: why is this backpack here? It's not just a backpack. It's an insulated backpack! 😃


The yarn that this backpack is made of is very warm, so when I wear this, my back is very warm. I only use it in winter. It's too hot in the back for summer with this. This is the real warm outfit 😁🔥


I knitted this fun backpack myself! 😊 And I also knitted this winter bag myself and also from warm yarn. When I wear this it warms my side. Another warm outfit 😁


The dog on this bag is called Rex. He says hello to you and wishes you not to freeze!!! 😁😉
(all photos are taken by me)
Take care of yourself and be healthy!!!!

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