Season Hunt challenge - HOT DRINKS - Warming up!

This week the topic of Season Hunt challenge is very hot 😀 and this - HOT DRINKS (you can read more about it here: @barbara-orenya/season-hunt-challenge-we-are-5caf3135cc35a )
Let's talk about how we bask in the cold season! It will be fun! 😀
For me, winter is usually associated with mulled wine! That's why I want to start with this! This is an amazing drink!!!


I like any version of mulled wine, but my favorite is with orange or tangerine juice and dry wine. And of course, the composition must contain a cinnamon stick, anise, cardamom and fennel seeds, a piece of ginger root, a little cloves and nutmeg, lemon zest. And definitely lemon juice and honey!


My husband and I make our own mulled wine. We just love it!!! We drink mulled wine in the evening. And for lunch, my husband always cooks hot cocoa!


It is very difficult to take a good photo when there is steam 😊 This is my cocoa with my cookies. I bake cookies myself. Cocoa is prepared by my husband, but my task is to make a mixture for this. I really like Dutch cocoa. But unfortunately I did not find it in the store, so I bought cocoa from Peru. This is also good, we liked it.


In addition to cocoa powder, I always add herbs and spices to the mixture. This mixture contains cinnamon, chicory, coconut sugar and some salt. I also like dandelion root but it ended.


Such cocoa is not only tasty and fragrant, but also very useful: it warms the body and nourishes it.


Delicious cookies also warm the soul (just kidding) 😁🙈



And of course hot coffee! You can't live without coffee!!! 😀


I wish you not to freeze and have a warm heart!!!

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