Season Hunt challenge - FROSTY-ICY - Kingdom of Ice

Very interesting topic of Season Hunt challenge by @barbara-orenya this week - FROSTY-ICY (You can find the details of this here: @barbara-orenya/season-hunt-challenge-the-theme).

I really want to participate in this competition because I am fascinated by the beauty of ice. We saw how beautiful and at the same time eerie it is when the ice covers like an armor, trees, flowers, benches, houses.


It's something unearthly even. Every blade of grass is covered in ice. The blades of grass did not break under the weight of the ice, but only bent. But not all of the trees could bend and some of them broke.



This is not an ordinary natural phenomenon. Unfortunately, this beauty has brought a lot of damage. Some of the old power poles fell down due to the fact that the ice was even on the power lines. You can see it in the foreground in the photo.


It was the real Ice Kingdom. Everywhere reigned His Majesty Ice.


And although it's amazingly beautiful, I don't want to experience it again 😏😄
(all photos are taken by us)
Take care of yourself and be healthy!!!!

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