Phone Photography. Flowers

I've always loved nature, especially the part of it that radiates. There are many fascinating things about nature, especially if you travel a lot, however, you may not pay attention to those beauties just because…

But there is one thing that paying attention to the beauty of nature does to you and that is to make you ‘feel good’ and see the earth in a more glorious way. Also, momentarily admiring the beauty of nature takes away your worries for a moment and gives you some calming pills you may not notice until you finally leave the site.

I have a lot of favorites about nature; however, I tend to be unable to leave flowers behind anytime I set my eyes on them. Sometimes, I take a bit of the sky too... in pictures, I mean.

You may be wondering why I love flowers so much. I don't specifically know either, but, their softness, beauty and radiance, the soft perch of butterflies and pollen-hunting insects and most importantly, the relief I feel anytime I see flowers irrespective of my mood is second to none. And when I get to move closer, I never want to let go, and that's why I make sure to take a piece of them with me in pictures.

I hope you smile, and that your day brightens as soon as you see these pictures because while I was taking the shots, I smiled too.

This is my entry for the Feel-Good phone Photography contest for the week. Thanks to the community for giving us mobile photographers a platform to showcase our Arts.
All pictures were snapped by me on Samsung Galaxy A8+

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