Season Hunt Challenge: White, Red, Blue, Green - Vibrant Hot Drinks Of Winter.

When it comes to drinking some hot beverages during winter, the first option that comes into mind is having Hot coffee. But not in case of Indians who always prefer to have a glass full of Milk. Be it kid or adult, majority of Indian have a warm milk before bed during winter. Even you may end up finding street shops selling some Hot Milk in clay pot.

(White Milk - Selling on streets of Varanasi)

They serve the perfect blend of sugar and hotness in a clay pot that simply makes it perfect drink during winter. The shop is one of thr oldest in vicinity and post evening everyday they started selling milk till late at night.

The use of clay pot is very common in small towns of India. They prefer it over plastic or paper cups. Not only milk, you may end up watching Tea Stall selling Hot Tea.

(a local tea stall)

These stall were always ready to greet their customers with hot and spicy Tea. Which I belive is the hottest selling and preferelable drink for all section of the Indian society.

(Red Hot Tea in clay pot from local vendor)

Most of the stall sell Ginger Tea, during winter. Apart from home these little stall at every corner cater the needs of many people. The best cold beater in India.

Once you get over with these common drinks then comes the number for some home made hot drinks. Every home prefer to have some sort of medicinal drinks to keep the cold and flu away.

This winter I tried one new drink, for which I am greatly thankful to my wife. And I called it a Blue Drink.


A complete herbal drink made up of Flower, which changes colour after excessive heating.


These drink is made by boiling these flowers and adding little bit of sugar and clove. It taste better and help in detox.

Talking of the medicinal drink, then I don't want to miss out on Basil Tea. Which turned Green on boiling. And I named it Green Sip


Basil which is called as Tulsi is a common plant at every Indian home. And it's leaf are having many quality. I personally prefer to take a SIP or two of boiling Tulsi and Black Pepper. It keeps the flu away.

These are my favourite HOT DRINKS of winter, apart from ocassional Coffee. Which I considered a very common hot drink during winter. This is my entry to this this week *Season Hunt Challenge initiated in #feelgood community by @barbara-orenya . And this week theme is WINTER HOT DRINK.

Peace !!

Namaste @steemflow

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