Season Hunt Challenge - Candles, Lights & Indian Diyas

Candles & Lights The first things that strikes on our mind is the festival of lights called Diwali. Where every home gets illuminated with candles, diyas , and led lights. It was like the entire India is sparkling and glowing with different lights.

Bouquette of candles on a tray to decorate the table

In India, I belive the use of candles is lessor as compared to other way of lighting. Indians prefer to lit Diyas on every ocassion instead of candle. So for this week theme of * Candle & Lights in Season Hunt Challenge contest in #feelgood community by @barbara-orenya, I will submit all forms of lighting as used in different ocassion by Indians.

The glowing Diya on the ocassion of Diwali

When we talk about Diya, it means burning a lamp which is made up of clay, with a cotton lid to lit.

A diya, diyo, deya, divaa, deepa, deepam, deep , deepak or saki is an oil lamp made from clay, with a cotton wick dipped in ghee or oil

Diya is our lamp for all ocassion. Be it Diwali celebration or performing any rituals or worshipping any God. Burning a Diya is very auspicious.

Diya in a Aarti plate durinb last year Daraswati Puja.

While clay diya is very popular, it is not mandatory to use it all the time. Indians may use other form of diyas too.
In India, the lighting of a Diya is an important part of every prayer. Before performing any rituals, a diya is lit and placed in front of deity. Burning a Diya signifies purity, goodness, good luck and power. Diyas are lit to weaken those evil forces before any rituals or worshipping.

Brass Diya in front of a worshipping place.

While Diyas forms a unique place in Indian tradition and culture, we never ignore the use of Candles as well. Candle are often use at home during power cut or at some place during Diwali. With Designer Vlcandles available in market, it helps to make the oxassion quite glamorous.

Glass candle during the ocasssion of Diwali

One may find ise of candles in Churches and also in Gurudwara. When people visit at these places , they lit candles in memory of someone or to take some blessing.

Burning Candles on a Gurudwara Platform

How one could forget the use of Candles during Birthday celebration. Be it the birthday of anyone, child or adult, they must celebrate their Birthdsy by blowing g up the candles in the cake.

Birthday cake decorated with Candles

But for general use, you will comes across the use of Diya at many places. At many religious places, people end up letting more than one diyas, and it really make the place to glow.

Burning Diyas outside a Temple

Talking of lights, I have seen the entire city illuminating with lights. From a top the view is really beautiful.

This one is reminded me of my visit to Gwalior. Walking down to one of the fort the lok of the entire city was like amber. Evey house was illuminating in evening.

City under Fire.

Making everything glow. I found this old cycle in a marriage venue. I never understand the reason of placing it, but somehow it make the place quite vibrant and a photo shoot place for wedding guests..

The Lighting Decoration

I think, I have put enough lights in my post for this week #seasonhunt challenge. There are more of lights, but I hope this much is enough to illuminate this week challenge. Thanks @barbara-orenya for such a illuminating contest. Please consider sider this as my entry for the challenge.


Namaste @steemflow

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