Season Hunt Challenge: Rain!

Although I missed is because I was asleep... it rained last night!

It is to my delight. I get to participate in this week's challenge:

RAIN in MyCalifornia on a Wednesday Walk.

The clouds are shedding tears of joy,
They fall with rhythmic beat
Upon the earth, and soon destroy
Dust dunes and waves of heat.

Each falling drop enforcement bears
To river, lake and rill,
And sweet refreshment gladly shares
With wooded dell and hill.

Every flower, bud and leaf,
Each blossom, branch and tree
Distills the rain, 'tis my belief,
To feed the honey bee.

I pity every wretch I find
Who, frowning in disdain,
Is deaf and dumb and also blind
To beauty in the rain.

We all do love the sunshine,
We love the moonlight, too,
We also love the twilight,
And the falling of the dew;

But I never growl or grumble,
Only this I wish to say;β€”
That this world would be a desert
Without you, oh! Rainy Day!

Source of poems above:

Rain by Raymond Garfield Dandridge

The Rainy Day by James W. Whilt

Thank you to @barbara-orenya for providing us this exciting #seasonhunt challenge!

Wednesday Walk challenge was started by @tattoodjay some 4 years ago in callaboration with
Make me Smile challenge is by @elizacheng.

Show Us Your California is a initiative of @dereckricharson.


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