Phone photography contest #01 : Nature a real blessing

Greetings to all Hiveans !!! And above all, best wishes to all those behind this contest. Happy for @untilwelearn to bring this contest to this platform, with the generous support from @melinda010100

As it is not a theme based concept right now, I would like to post something I like and that is from my garden, because this is where I spend some time. Mostly when Iam out of my mind 🙂 or when weeding or planting becomes necessary in the garden.

To everyones' surprise, it rained yesterday evening after a long gap, may be after a period of two months. Though, it rained only for 10 minutes, the down pour was happy and I could see the happiness in my trees, flowering plants and veggies. They were standing erect at times and also slanting sometjmes, especially when the cool breeze swept them to its tunes.

Though we had enough veggies until now, right now only spinach, snakeguard and tomatoes exist few in numbers. Due to excess heat, they tend to dry fast, inspite of watering them morning and evening.

Now, if I had to tell about the manure the starch (drained rice water), drained tea leaves, onion peel and egg shells are the best manure. Inbetween, we put dried cowdung also which supports the continuous flowering of plants and producing veggies. All these helps us ingetting organic fruits and vegetables from our own garden. A little effort can indeed result in healthy food, which inturn reflects in your healthy livingstyle.

All texts and photos captured herein, are from my garden with my Samsung Galaxy A50 mobile. Thanks for your wonderful visit.

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