Season Hunt Challenge: Shine A Little Light

Theme for this hunt:


🪔 Lights 💡

The first light I want to mention is called a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Not a fancy looking lamp but it gives a soft glow when turned on. These salt lamps are touted to help purify the inside air. I purchased it at a local Health Food Store.

There are pros and cons as to if the lamp has any benefits to one’s health but I like to use it as a night light in the hallway.


A cute little ceramic night light with birds.


In the last one hundred years, since the late 1800s when Edison brought the first electric lights to parts of Manhattan, we have come a long way in getting light in our homes with a flip of a switch.

I still remember as a child of homes being light after dark with only by a kerosene lamp.

This is an antique lamp that was used on ships. It hangs in the Souris Lighthouse Lantern Room.

The historic lighthouse presents an interesting display of marine and fishery artifacts and I checked it out one day during the summer.


Another ship’s light at the Souris Lighthouse. I don’t know if the lamps were fuelled with whale oil or kerosene.


For a more modern light we have lamplights like this one lighting the Montague waterfront with the use of electricity.


🕯 Candles 🕯

There are all kinds of candles made from beeswax, soy and paraffin. Over the years, I have received some fancy ones enhanced with essential oils for fragrance.

There has been talk of the dangers of the toxics in candles harming the lungs if breathed in too long.

I don’t know how much toxics candles release into the air and I only use candles for light if, for some reason, the electricity temporarily shuts down.

Small paraffin non-toxic candles are seen on birthday cakes where the birthday person makes a wish before the cake is cut and blows out the candles. The norm is one candle for every year is placed on top of the cake. If all the candles can be blown out with one breath the wish is suppose to be granted.


One year friends surprised me with this cake on a special birthday. The candles were easy to blow out for the host did not have many and only put a few candles on top of the cake.🎂

Luckily there wasn’t a candle on the cake for every year I’ve been on this planet or they would have started a fire. 😀


This post is my entry to @barbara-orenya's Season Hunt. Check Here for more information on how to participate.


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