Season Hunt challenge - Christmas Tree and Ornaments


Christmas is a favorite holiday of mine filled with lots of merriment, lots of games, and the aroma of sauerkraut and cinnamon - don't ask why.

I want to show you our tree - half visible and half-hidden. When you are with a small child the situation is very interesting. Yesterday I decided it was time to at least decorate the tree.

I took it down, took out the ornament box and the garland - everything was perfect. My son (almost 2 years old) was ecstatic with the different colors of ornaments. He started handing them to me to hang. But he was in a hurry and I had to put up sometimes two ornaments in a second because the next ones were coming.

The ornaments ran out and it was time to put up the garland - while I was wrestling with it on one side of the tree he decided that once we had put it up it was time to take it down.. until I felt he had managed to take down everything he had managed. I had to re-arrange them by holding the tree in the air with one hand and picking up ornaments and hanging them with the other.

I took a few pictures of the ornament as I was thinking of using them for another post, but this one turned out to be right on topic. I want to fill you in on my ornaments choices.

First ornament


This was the ornament I put on my son's first Christmas - yes he was still in my tummy but that doesn't mean he wasn't present 😀

Second ornament


This is about the little tree. She was last year's new ornament hanging on the tree.

Third ornament


She is the ornament (there are several of these on the tree) that my son liked best. Maybe because it's shiny and all glittery and he made a few attempts to peel them but took his time with them.

You can check the contest from here


Thank you for reading and have a gorgeous day!

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