My Son's Cartoon Portrait and a Lantern for Photochain Challenge # Edition 92, my entry

I have a wonderful lamp in the kitchen which looks like a LANTERN. I really like it a lot because it was my own choice. When I was in the process of renovating my apartment, I started looking for a lamp. The choice was wide but I didn't like anything - I think the situation is familiar to many of you. That pre-coronavirus time is now remembered as very happy time because I could easily take a trip to my beloved St. Petersburg, to Russia any time I wanted! Well, not absolutely easily, actually - I needed a visa, for sure, but still ... and it was there, in St. Petersburg, where I met with my lovely lamp. It was love at first sight which has not ended until now.

У меня на кухне есть замечательный светильник в виде ФОНАРЯ. Мне он действительно очень нравится, ведь выбирала я его сама ! Когда я была в процессе ремонта свою квартиры, я начала искать светильники. Выбор был большой, но мне ничего не нравилось - думаю, ситуация знакома многим из вас. То, докоронавирусное, время сейчас вспоминается как очень счастливое, ведь тогда я могла вот так запросто взять и поехать в лббимый Санкт-Петербург, в Россию! Нет, конечно, не совсем запросто - виза ведь была нужна, но всё же... Именно там, в Санкт-Петербурге, я мы и встретились с моим светильником. Это была любовь с первого взгляда, которая не закончилась до сих пор.


Now some words about the PORTRAIT. On it, you can see my son when he was at the age of 10. It was drawn by a street artist on the Yalta embankment in Crimea. In the result we got a pretty funny cartoon drawing.

Несколько слов о ПОРТРЕТЕ. На нем мой сын, когда ему было лет 10. Рисовал его художник на набережной Ялты в Крыму. Получился довольно забавный рисунок-шарж.


This is my entry to the 92nd Edition of PhotoChain Challenge hosted by @davidesimoncini.


The rules of the contest state that the photo of a participant must contain the 2 Key Subjects chosen by the two winners of the previous Editions. There must be also another key subject containing in the participating photo indicated by a participant. If you win, your personal key word will be a part of the next edition task.

This week the task is to unite the two objects chosen by the winners of the previous edition.
@tawadak24 's key word is PORTRAIT and @sgbonus 's key word is LANTERN.

My personal key word from my picture is FLOWERS.

Welcome to this wonderful contest. For those who are interested to participate, the link to the contest is here: Contest

The photos were taken by me on my telephone Xiaomi and published via @ecency.

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