My Class School Leaving Ceremony


Today, it was the last day at school for my class, the 9th year schoolchildren. They have got their certificates and lots of flowers from their parents, other relatives and friends. The children heard many warm parting words and themselves said words of gratitude to the teachers. After that, there was a traditional dance of teachers and also our cordial song for our school leavers. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of that part of the ceremony, but you can see my class singing a lovely song about "the cycle of children in nature" ("круговорот детей в природе") about the law nature in the result of which their children will come to our school to change them... It was extremally touching!



After the children, their parents showed us their dance and, in turn, said nice words about every boy and girl. Every parent was wearing a T-shirt with the word "daughter" or "son" on it.

It was a wonderful class, and I wish them good luck and success in their further studies and in life in general.



This last picture was not taken by me because I am on it. It was sent to me by one of my collegues.


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