Yellow/Chimney PHOTOCHAIN CHALLENGE 84TH edition

This is my entry to @davidesimoncini's

Photo Chain Challenge
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The challenge is to post a photo that has the two key words chosen by the previous winners. You can post your entry into the #FeelGood Community hive-190931

Congrats to the two winners!

The word 'CHIMNEY' was chosen by @barbara-orenya

The word 'YELLOW' was chosen by @zoricatech

My entry:

I didn't find many photos to choose from in my archives of a CHIMNEY that also had something YELLOW!

This photo, taken years ago in the ghost town of Goffs, California is of the restored schoolhouse. Goffs was a one-time railroad town in the Mojave Desert, that was on Rt. 66, before the highway was moved.


The Goffs Schoolhouse, which was built in 1914, was closed in 1937 after the construction of a new school in a neighboring town. The Schoolhouse was restored in 1998 and is now a museum.

My key word is FLAG

THANKS to @davidesimoncini for this fun contest!

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