PhotoChain Challenge - Pink Tail

This is my entry to @davidesimoncini's

Photo Chain Challenge
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✨110 Editions!✨

The challenge is to post a photo that has the two key words chosen by the previous winners. You can post your entry into the #FeelGood Community hive-190931

The FeelGood Community is an ARCHON supported Community and all of your comments on any community posts will receive staked ARCHON tokens!

Congrats to last week's winners!

My airplane photo was one of the winners last week and I chose TAIL as my keyword. I thought about choosing wings, but I thought ta might be the better choice and give us more options this week. Little did I know that @qwerrie would choose PINK as his winning keyword!

PINK TAIL! That makes it a bit harder!

This cute little tropical fish at the Chicago Aquarium is the only thing I have in my photo archives that works this week!

My keyword will be EYE.

10% of this posts earnings go to @davidesimoncini for hosting this fun and sometimes challenging photo contest!

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Banner by @seckorama


Feel Good community by @barbara-orenya


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