Photochain Challenge 51st Edition

This is my entry to @davidesimoncini's

Photo Chain Challenge-Edition 50
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The challenge is to post a photo that has the two key words chosen by the previous winners. You can post your entry into the #FeelGood Community hive-190931

The word 'PAGES' was chosen by @adinapoli

The word 'CUTLERY ' was chosen by @me- @melinda010100

My entry:


The tempting window display of this restaurant displays CUTLERY and one of their advertising PAGES . The sweet treats on display would go nicely with the cup of tea I just made for myself! Since there are two different types of coffee cups in the photo, I will choose CUP as my keyword.


My key word is


Thanks @davidesimoncini for this fun contest! A portion of the post rewards has been set to go to @davidesimoncini. Remember to show your support for the contests and communities that you enjoy.

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Image by @darkfemme

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