Season Hunt challenge - Christmas bouquets

Huge winter greetings to everyone!

Soon, very soon, a couple of weeks will fly by and the lights on the Christmas trees will light up in every house.
Having this opportunity, I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Today I was on the hunt in my albums where I have photographs of celebrations and decorations for them.
They prepare for Christmas and New Year almost a month before the holiday. They buy decorations, Christmas trees, garlands.
More than 10 years ago, I also bought a lot of new jewelry, but on December 31, early in the morning, a misfortune happened and the holiday was overshadowed.
But there can be no New Year without a Christmas tree and I decided to replace it with simple bouquets, for which I used branches of spruce and Cossack juniper.

I have a huge house and I want a holiday in every room. Therefore, I began to decorate my rooms with such small pine bouquets.
This bouquet is made of young pine branches, the needles of which are processed with silver paint. It got the feeling that the needles are long like those of a cedar. I liked this arrangement and this year I will also make such a bouquet.

A bouquet of pine branches with huge one-color balls also looks beautiful. I love these compositions.

Here is such a hunt for decorations for Christmas and New Years I have succeeded.
And everyone who wants to hunt should read this post.

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