Season Hunt Challenge - Week #8 - Christmas Ornaments.

What do I love about Christmas and all the beautiful ornaments is the joy, happiness, people coming together, and all the colorful blinking colors and can you believe we are only 11 days away from Christmas celebrations OMG how time flies.



Normally by this time of the year I would have already had a place booked for family and friends to come together and enjoy our Christmas lunch buffet at one of the well known chains of hotels we have been doing this traditionally for a few years now were as no one cooks or washes dishes on that day we love to be spoiled by the many venues that go on around town as it should be so we can all sit together caught up with some free talk and not worry about whether the Turkey is cooked or not.



But unfortunately like last Christmas with this pandemic and the many restrictions with gathering most hotels are asking for vaccination passes which has made booking a hotel Christmas buffet, is out of the question and this really is not a problem as last year we had one of the best Christmases ever by having it at my home.





We thought you know what you hotels are the loses with all your regulations and restrictions so we are all gathering together at my place again like last year, fire-up that barbecue everyone pitches in with the cooking, washing dishes, and cleaning up, and we party on with no noise restrictions or time limits and it ends up more fun seeing the kids faces light up as they are unwrapping there Christmas presents this is the new norm for us now we don't need hotel buffets anymore.



And when were all done eating, washing, and cleaning we take the kids for a walk around the streets to check out all them awesome ornaments and decorations and that's how we are going to have our Christmas every year from now on the new norm Christmas. 🎄🎅🎄 Merry Christmas to you all have a wonderful joyful and a happy one 😊




Season Hunt Challenge - Week #8 - Christmas Ornaments by @barbara-orenya

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