Season Hunt Challenge - Misty And Foggy Scenes from Around the World.

I thought I would catch the last theme of winter Misty and Foggy before @barbara-orenya goes of on her amazing relaxing holiday she knows how to enjoy herself, so anyways I didn't have much for the past couple of themes but as with this Misty and Foggy theme, I have been able to locate a few photos from my archive. I have always loved misty, foggy mornings as a kid not only are they fun to play hide and seek in but I find them cool, refreshing and sometimes haunting. I say haunting as it brings back memories from when we use to play hide and seek on those foggy mornings and someone would creep up from behind you and grab you in the mist of the fog and I would jump six foot in the air been scared out of my pants and seeing misty, foggy mornings takes me back to them haunting childhood memories but in my adulthood, I have excepted those misty, foggy morning as a wonder and beauty of nature walking through mist and fog now I find a peaceful feeling like I am in Heaven flying with the Angels.

Now that I have found peace in them misty, foggy mornings, I also now love to photographing these peaceful, calm morning and from all the parts of the world, I have traveled, I found that the Danville Mountains in California were the most peaceful and spiritual misty, foggy mornings, I have ever walked through and by looking at these misty, foggy Danville mountains, I am sure you will feel it to.

Danville Mountains in California.








Now I will take you back to our misty, foggy morning in my own backyard of the NSW the coastal beaches of Australia starting with Byron Bay beach on a cool winter morning and then moving on to Lennox Heads Beach and on most of these misty, foggy mornings, I would be the only soul jogging on my home town beach while the town was still snoozing away tucked in there electric blankets.

Bryon Bay and Lennox Heads Beach, NSW, Australia.





This was a misty, foggy morning at Clarendon Forest Lodge a weekend away into the unknown country side of Possum Brush, NSW, Australia and what a beautiful winter escape this was with the log fire burning away in our room.

Clarendon Forest Lodge at Possum Brush, NSW, Australia.




And here we have the cold misty, foggy mornings of the time I visited my friend in the winter month in Bodo City, Norway never had I seen such beautifully packed pure white snow along the streets and in the mountains and even though, I am not a fan of the cold the beautiful natural nature of Bodo City kept me warm.

Bodo City, Norway.





Season Hunt Challenge - Misty And Foggy by @barbara-orenya.

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