Phonography / Phone Photography Contest - 08

In this phonography contest, I want to celebrate this very cute couple. Why you may ask? Because theirs is a story of Love, patience and commitment, and it does inspire me a whole lot.

The man went for greener pastures abroad so he could treat her right and the lady waited for six years for him to return to her. SIX YEARS of being apart, yet so close and so much in love. Everyone gave up on the relationship, asking the girl to take another groom, it was regarded as a journey in futility and even I gave up on my best friend.

"My heart would never fail me", she would say. What confidence! What unwavering faith in another! What a bond so deep and resilient!

And yes, Prince charming did come back for his beautiful lady, to make her his' and to treat her right. He didn't fail like all the rest, his love for her was too true to fail. I am inspired by their steadfast belief in each other and in their love. Yes True Love does exist and I give it to them.

"Honeys you are the best".

The photos of the couple and their kids, are all mine.

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