Photochain Challenge: 106th Edition

Hello feel-good community greetings­čÖĆAnd thanks to @davidesimoncini host of the photo-chain challenge. according the last challenge picked keyword ROCK and STRIPES. here is my entry which is suitable to the subject keyword. These photos are taken by me around our area. The rock is known as Larvikite the very famous granite used in many different ways. Unpolished one it uses for decorate the places like beach, and around the bridges or making walls, and making artistic sculptures. The polished one used to make memory stones some fancy buildings entrances mostly used for kitchen counters. The quarry is located around 15 km from our town last month, when we were driving that way I had taken two photos of it from highway. and close by a bridge has been decorated nicely with big blocks of stone. those photos are not so good but I am loading them here.

this is the sculpture made from larvikite in the park were we go for walks often. A sculpture made by a local artist for this park. the stripes on the rock and the bird sitting on top.
My lovely word is** BIRD**

The one more photo of bird at beach where they protect the area from big waves with decorative idea. using the stone/rock.
The same beach with striped rocks. the stripes are actually drill holes made during extraction of the blocks.

when it polished its looks like .They made a sitting bench at beach

The quarry situated on small hill where they cut the blocks.

these photo weretaken from inside our moving car. under the bridge the wall was made by these rocks zoom in to see the stripes on the rocks how nicely the stripes are formed.
I think this is enough for today about rocks and stripes. Thank you very much inspiring me this type of contest to use my brain to think a little.

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