Who Loves Christmas? I DO!

Christmas is just 2 weeks away! Are you ready for it?

Christmas is one of my 2 favorite festive seasons of the year. Maybe it helps me relieve myself from the hard work I have put in throughout the year and celebrate that we have finally reached the end of the year!!! We must pat ourselves on our backs for that.

My family has never have a Christmas tree before. In the past years, I gladly go out to the malls to admire the trees and take photos with the Christmas decorations. However this round being 5 to 6 months pregnant, I have to reserve my strength. I am also wanting to celebrate the last of my childbearing with this upcoming child so I decided yes, we are getting a tree this year!

I bought a 6 feet tree when it was on offerr at RM60.60. It is not as dense as those I have seen so I decided to fill it up with Christmas ornaments in the theme of wooden colour and white as I do not like too many colours in my tree.

I have always loved the personalized wooden hanging baubles with names on them. Before this when I do not have my own tree, I bought them for my friends. When I see theirs this year, I wish I can have my family member's names, including my upcoming child's names on my tree.

I specially ordered them from Taobao China, as it is much more affordable to get them from there than from some local gift curating sellers. This year, I got personalized hanging baubles for my sister's family in Singapore, my sister-in-law's family and also a friend's family who is celebrating a new addition too, that's all. I am reducing gifting a little this year as to make way for the upcoming baby expenses that is huge.

Got my tree and was patiently waiting for my Christmas tree decorations from China. It takes about 8 to 10 days to arrive.

Before my Christmas ornaments arrived, we made do with just our names there on the tree. I love it!

Then, my youngest son who is actually a super Christmas fan boy, started his own way of decorating the tree with all his Number Blocks soft toys. He loves his Number Blocks and wishes for them to celebrate Christmas with him! When the treee waa still bare, he would even hug the tree.

After many days, when my sons were away one day, our Christmas ornaments arrived! I silently put them up to surprise the boys!

When they got back, they exclaimed ,"Wow, it is so beautiful!" and started dancing around the tree.

They tried to reach the Christmas star on top.

I then added some ribbons with LED lights on the tree.

Then I stumbled across some of these very beautiful ornaments I really like as we celebrate the Reason of this Season, the birth of Jesus!!! I bought some hanging ornaments with the names of Jesus and a nativity scene to hang on top of our names. My youngest son helped me to further decorate the tree too.

Now it is complete!

I was happily admiring the tree EVERY NIGHT! It is so comforting when I would sit on the massage chair, dimmed the lights, drinking a cup of peppermint tea to wind down before sleep. I also play some Christmas songs in the background, with sometimes my youngest son singing Christmas songs to his heart's content. This is indeed a good decision this year to equip the house with a Christmas tree! Although not all our Christmas present can fit under the tree this year, I still cannot wait for Christmas to come.

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