Phone Photography: A post-midnight view from the neighborhood

Hello there! Welcome to my post. This is my participation post for the contest organized by brother Akhil Jain (@untilwelearn) in the FeelGood community. It's also my first post in this community (I joined specifically to participate in the contest) 🙂

Earning a Living at Midnight

I took this photo a few days after the start of Ramadan. It was captured at 12:22 am. I used my Samsung M31 to capture it.

During other times of the year, most shops usually close before 11:30 pm, with only a few coffee shops remaining open. However, during Ramadan, the situation is quite different. Most tailor shops stay open until late at night because Ramadan is their peak-earning month. Similarly, barbershops and laundries also remain open for extended hours.

In the photo taken just across from my home, we can see multiple shops still open well past midnight. Despite the late hours, they are working hard to earn their livelihood. The shops include:

  • A bakery
  • A women's tailor
  • A laundry
  • Two fast-food outlets
  • A vegetable shop
  • A barbershop

Okay. That's all for now. I hope that you enjoyed my post. Let me know in the comment section if you have any suggestions or concerns.


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