Phonography/Phone Photography Contest 06 - A Leafy Treasure: The Anthurium Jenmanii

Hello everybody. Let's welcome Round 6 of the Phonography/Phone Photography Contest hosted by @untilwelearn. The link to the contest post can be found here. If you love taking photos from your phone then this is for you. Read up and join the fun.

A common subject of phone photographers are plants and flowers. I am one of those who love taking pictures of these. In fact about half of my photo archives are all about plants and flowers. There's always a sense of peace and serenity and a oneness with nature when I capture a beautiful flower or plant. Everywhere I go, I always am on the lookout for them, especially those rare and uncommon species.

Here are some photos I took of a plant about 2 years ago in a floral exhibition. I was so taken in with how beautiful the leaves of this plant was. They were so green and shiny. The lines on the surface were very clearly etched and so defined. But what stood out was how big its leaves were.

See those reddish and purplish spikes shooting up in the middle of the plant? Those are its flowers which are also called spathes which produce red berries.

Here you can see just how big the leaves are by comparing it to some orchids and also to the exhibit stall keeper.

The woman in the picture above is holding a seedling of this plant to show just how big they grow.

I was so excited about this new find that I forgot to ask the lady the name of the plant when I left. I planned on returning soon to ask but got busy and by the time I was able to visit again the exhibit was over and they were gone.

I tried Google Search to identify the plant but to no avail. The search kept returning a different plant. So for the next two years I was in the dark as to what plant that was. Until yesterday, when suddenly, out of the blue, they were back and right at the same spot in the mall where they were two years ago. And, holy of holies. The stall keeper was still the same lady!!

I immediately approached her and asked her what the name of the plant is. And she said, "Cardboard Plant, sir." I thanked her and tried Google again. This time I hit pay dirt. The name of this leafy wonder is Anthurium Jenmanii. It's a plant that is now beginning to be popular among indoor plant species and you can read about this in the link here.

I sure would love to have a couple of these soon. Not the big ones as they are quite expensive. Maybe the smaller seedlings like the one below.

The bigger seedling costs about USDlr 10 while the smaller ones USDlr 5 per pot. Not bad.

And that's about it for this one. A huge thanks to our host for this contest. It provides me with a platform where I can post my phone photos, especially the old ones like the pictures above, which haven't seen the light of day, so to speak, buried in my archives waiting for a day just like this. Thanks too to @melinda010100 and @barbara-orenya for their support. Wishing everyone a safe and blessed weekend.

(All photos are mine.)

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