Story Behind my Photography

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Hello friends, how are you all?? Wishing you all happy and prosperous life ahead.

Today i would to participate in amazing contest,Such a topic has never been raised before. 'm super excited to make my entry, first and foremost i would to Thankful @melinda010100 @alokkumar191 and @untillwelearn for giving us opportunity to participate in the contest to show our talent to phone photography, i.e. Phonography , it's a amazing idea to give a chance and platform to mobile photographer.

Well i would like say that 'm not professional photographer nor i have DSLR, being the blogger i love to click the pictures,

Story Behind the photographry

Earlier I was in the park, then my eyes fell on a flower on which many bees were sitting, those bees were sucking the nector, it was pleasant feeling to look at them, click the perfect picture, As soon as I carry my mobile camera, they would fly away. I tried 3 to 5 times but unfortunately Every time I carry my mobile camera, it flies away, I didn't get a single picture like I wanted to take. Then I thought leave it because I was feeling bad, for the sack of humanity, that bee was eating its food, I was disturbing again and again, so I felt that I should Stop taking pictures now. then i stopped taking pictures.

Now whenever I look at my mobile's gallery and those photos appear, I remember my story behind clicking the picture.

Photography has always been one of my favorite hobbies,It is a different matter that I am not able to take good pictures 😜 but still love clicking the pictures. whenever I click photos, I forget all my tension and stress and enjoy photography. photography gives me inner peace, joy and happiness.

The details of my picture i have shared...

Size2.5 M.B.
Focal Length4.75mm
white BalanceAuto

I took all the photos with my mobile phone One plus 9R

Thankyou 😄😃

@gargi 🙏🏻🇮🇳

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