As is the practice of Catholics around the world, Baptism is the first sacrament we receive as a child. Since most of us are Baptized as babies, a Godmother and Godfather are chosen by the parents, to witness the blessings and beauty of this sacred event.

The Godparents are the voice of the child. They witness the priest anoint the baby with holy oil, then hold that child while holy water is streamed over her head.

The priest recites "I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as the water flows. Smiles break out, as the baby generally starts to scream, almost shouting "Hey that's cold"!!!

It's a wonderful happening. The Godparents are honored by being chosen, Mommy and Daddy are so proud and thankful.

God Bless Jordyn...

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The Godparents are always in the paparazzi as the cameras flash to document this very special day.


It was a #sublimesunday, @cOff33a, really. you would have enjoyed it.


As well as you, @ace108, there were lots of hugs on this #beautifulsunday.
Really such an uplifting day!

Reminded us all to keep the faith, stay positive, treasure every moment together as the gift it really is...because nothing is guaranteed in this life.

Only one draw back.(dang virus).

Usually there would be a big family celebration, with everyone invited. It's Jordyn's HELLO, HERE I AM DAY for the extended family, "Hi cousins, happy to meet you" kind of thing. Always great to catch up with everyone and see how quickly all the children have grown since their Baptismal day.


But this one was scaled back to just Mom, Dad, Godparents and grandparents. And of course, Opie, Jordyn and her sister Peyton's best friend, their doggie. Oh Opie, so gentle with the girls, such a love.


Although, I am sure, mommy was glad good ole Opie was napping and not in the mix just then. A crying two year old is challenging enough. 😏


The day couldn't have been finer, with great food, joyful hearts,
and lots of love.


In the spirit of joy and just the #feelgood community, I must share a little color as in #alwaysaflower.

My passion, growing beautiful flowers...

IMG_3092 1.JPG

IMG_3098 1.JPG

IMG_3049 2.JPG

Hope you enjoy my friend @dswigle, this one's for you!!!


Glad I found the time to post again, it was really relaxing and fun for me. I hope this finds the entire #hive community well and at peace.

Strive to be happy!!!

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