season hunt challenge ice and frost

this is my entry to the season hunt challenge frosty- icy.
if you are interested in joining here is the link:

when i go out in the morning and have to scrape the ice off my car windows i can't honestly say i feel good about it. sometimes it can be really hard to scrape but occasionally the ice makes such a fantastic design that i admire it then i get my camera. i feel bad about having to destroy such natural wonders but i comfort myself by realizing it would disappear anyway once the car warms up

"kind sir. do you remember me from your neighbor's roof last summer? now it's very cold. there's ice and frost everywhere and i am always feeling hungry. do you have any food you could spare for your feathered friend? anything will do, please sir."

"of course i remember you. you are the one who was screeching like a dinosaur at 3 a.m. waking up the whole neighborhood. but that's okay nowadays i sleep wonderfully and i brought you some nice lamb fat to help keep you warm!"

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