my entry photochain 118


many years ago the town we live in was dominated by a naval base. the base is now a very nice park with a number of old cannons and one not so old anti aircraft gun. however this photo is taken just 100 meters from our house on top of a small hill that many years ago had a windmill for grinding grain but that windmill is long gone. in 1935 a statue by the most famous scuptor gustav wigeland of the most famous naval commander, peter wessel tordenskiold was placed here overlooking the sea and the islands which were also part of the naval base.

along with the statue a cannon from the base was moved here. it's a popular spot to get a great view both day and night. obviously the number 5 does not really belong in this idyllic scene but that is nothing new to this contest.

to the keywords CANNON and NUMBER my personal word is CAP


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