entry photochain 119: cap and tomato

today i was out walking all morning around town looking for scenes which had both a tomato and a cap but i was not having any luck. i was getting frustrated and hungry thinking about it so i decided to give up, go home and have some lunch.

well, lo and behold to my amazement somebody had placed a big ripe red tomato right in the middle of the stairs up from the harbor to our house. i had to take my cap off to him or her or them.

whoever it was was a real lifesaver!

i sensed a change of the tide so after lunch i went back out . this time i crossed the bridge over the entrance to the inner harbor and found the perfect shot
so once again i took my cap off to the stranger(s) dropping tomatoes here and there and set out to find who it could possibly be. and soon enough, believe it or not i found them

it was the tomato colored jacket that gave them away. i did not actually see them doing it but i am 100% sure those shopping bags were full of tomatoes and they were going around town placing one at a time in the oddest places. once again i took my cap off and thanked them profusely but they insisted i must be mistaken. they seemed quite earnest and convincing but they didn't fool me. after all i wasn't born yesterday!

my keyword of course is shopping bag

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