«Season Hunt Challenge» + PUMPKIN

Another awesome and fun challenge by @barbara-orenya... The Season Hunt! And this is the first hunt... We are hunting for PUMPKIN! 🎃🎃🎃

Let the hunt begin! October and pumpkin... Yup, can't go wrong... We need pumpkin for the Halloween... Well, due to the pandemic, I have not been going out a lot... So don't have "fresh" pumpkin photos for this hunt... So let's go down the memory lane to hunt for my pumpkins...

Pumpkin as decorations at the SS Courtyard 2 years ago...

It's pumpkinlicious... 😁😁😁 Witch and pumpkin... Treat or Trick???

Pumpkin and a bird decoration

Different types of pumpkins in the market... This was captured 3 years ago back in a market at my hometown...

How's your pumpkin hunt? I wish I can really go out and hunt for "real and fresh" pumpkin... But besides going to office, I didn't go grocery shopping... I hope the upcoming hunt I can come up with new photos... Looking forward to the next hunt (uhm.... even though I just finish hunting for the first hunt...)

Thanks Barbara for coming up with this awesome hunting idea... Have FUN Hunting!!!

Guideline "borrowed" from @barbara-orenya's announcement post: -

Make your post according to the theme including photos and at least 50 words

Do I really have to add that photos must be yours..? No photo of the internet, in case you wonder 😁

title your post «Season Hunt challenge» + whatever you want

Mention somewhere in your post that you participate to the contest,
what is the theme of the week,
and where others can find contest post (link to it)
…that’s the minimum to write in any contest you are participating…Hive Boomers know that, but you might be new to all of that, just remember that others might want to participate, so don’t retain infos that are of importance for them 😊

Post it in Feel Good community ( only posts in the community will participate to the draw…)
if you want to fish upvotes in bigger communities, you are free of course but the prizes are from my personal wallet so I won’t reward or encourage it 😁

Add the tag #seasonhunt so that we can all have a nice collection of posts quickly reachable

And then lastly, leave the link of your post in a comment under this contest publication …that way, others are more likely to visit your blog if you make their life easier…😉

If it's not already done, you can join the community and follow the FG account @hive-190931


Thanks to Justin (@ justinparke), you gave me an idea, maybe I can add a Malay word in every post. Then everyone can learn a new language.

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