Photochain Challenge: 138th Edition

Congrats to the two winners! @Gems.and.cookies with BLUE and @Prudens with SKY.

For more info and guidelines to this PhotoChain Challenge, check out @davidesimoncini post here.

It's been some time since my last submission to Photochain. After going out on a road trip last month, I have more fresh photos now 😬😬😬

Here's a photo captured from Pantai Redang at Sekinchan. It's a hot sunny afternoon when I was there. Actually there's lots of people visiting the place, just because of the hot melting sun, everyone was at the other side with trees and shades.

The subject I am choosing for this week is BEACH.


I'm adding a Malay word in every post. Life long learning... Learning a new language is fun...

Word of the day
PANTAI - Beach

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