My Random Series: 3-in-1 Beautiful Sunday + Sublime Sunday + Feeling Good Alphabet Hunt - Letter J

Hello all! Happy Sunday! I am gonna do a 3-in-1 post today! Yes, as per the post title, this is a post for Beautiful Sunday, Sublime Sunday and Feeling Good Alphabet Hunt - Letter J.

Because letter hunting is a good activity to be done on this sublimely beautiful Sunday.

If you are not familiar with these two themes, BeautifulSunday is initiated by @ace108 and you can check out other BeautifulSunday post HERE. Whereas SublimeSunday is initiated by @c0ff33a. Find more Sublime Sunday posts HERE.

Let our HUNT begins!

We have some beautiful jars of jam here. Double J words in one photo... 😁 😁 😁

I love this cute jars of salad presentation... Not just cute, but they tasted good too!

Jet models in the KLIA.

Caught this jeep in action while we were hiking our way up to the Seven Wells Waterfall during our Langkawi.

Little Vinnie jumped jumped jumped...

Lots of juices in one of the supermarket... Which is your favourite juice? Orange? Apple? Mango?

Another photo taken at the Seven Wells Waterfall in Langkawi... Both Halley and Ryenne "jogged" their way up to the waterfall... And mommy, that's me, following behind...

Also submitting this post to the Alphabet Hunt by @barbara-orenya. If you would like to join the fun hunting, here are the simple guide line of the game. (Grabbed from Barbara's post)

Make a post with 6 of your own photos representing an object or concept that begins with the letter of the week

  • if you post in the Feel Good community (hive-190931 as first tag for those who post from eSteem) you will participate in a random draw rewarding (a various number but never less than 3) people with 1 Hive each.😊

  • use the hashtag #alphabetHunt and call me @barbara-orenya with a mention + leave your link in comment below this post so that others can see it too and have an easy access to it. 😉

You have until next Wednesday 10pm UTC to post.

And most importantly : Have fun, enjoy this hunt and make sure your readers also have an enjoyable moment discovering your trophy images !

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