Photochain Challenge Entry for 108th Edition

Hello again to all the members of this community! I have upvoting post of the participants for this new challenge and I was encouraged to share my own for their published were all amazing and stunning view of FLYING and BOATS two key-subjects for this challenge. My key word is SEA!

It’s not that easy to find a subject for flying especially if our place is in the heart of the city. I can only choose birds or airplane for this kind but as I search my album there is such but in a different scenario not with the boat at the same time. As I search the Google for another meaning of flying; it says something in the air, an airborne, something floating, flapping, fluttering and in flight. I guess what I found in my album says about flying. Please take a look for these photos I’ve collected while visiting the place of Minato Mirai Yokohama.


This is the air cabin floating in the sky carrying passengers from Sakura Gicho station up to this Unga Park station. The boat that is below is the attraction used for viewers of the sea.
This is my entry and hope you like it!

As the day is getting dark the silhouette of this tree made such a nice view in front as the air cabin is moving and the boat view

Thanks to @davidesimoncini for hosting this kind of contest. All photos are my original. Good luck to all participants.


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