Photochain Challenge 139th Edition Entry

Hello! A pleasant good day to all of you here. The last challenge was amazing and I would like to participate again to this new two key subjects: Streetlights and Sign! My keyword is Mall!

Streetlights + Sign 🪧 = Mall

This is my entry.

It was already in the afternoon that day that I decided to go shopping near our place mall. I was walking bringing my trolley bag for shopping when this streetlight caught my attention. It was starting to get dark so the lights were on already. The color gold brought a beautiful light along that street so I can’t help myself taking pictures. At the same time with the sign board beside guidelines for car owners on how to navigate the parking lot area of the mall.

Thanks to @davidesimoncini and the Feel Good Community for hosting this challenge! Hope you like my entry. Good luck to all participants!


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