Photochain Challenge: 110th Edition Entry

Hello again to all the members and followers of this community! I would like to join this new 110th challenge: PINK and TAIL key subject. My key word is FISH!

This is my entry. A pink fish and tail!

This fish is so beautiful with its color pink and the black stripes that looks like that of the zebra is amazing. I don’t know the name of this fish if you do know please tell us. Actually, there is a name in the aquarium I’ve visited long time ago but I forgot to picture it. I tried to search the google but I can’t find this cute creature. This maybe a deep fish and hard to find species that’s why very special.

This is the aquarium and it’s located in Shinagawa near station. I photographed a lot of beautiful fish there and this one is very rare because of its color. I have another photo of pink fish but a simple kind but unique just like the others. Here is the photo.

Our ocean contain a lot of sea creatures that are so rare and so unique! Our world is really beautiful!

Thank you to @davidesimoncini for hosting this kind of contest. It’s a very challenging contest and fun searching too so let’s all participate! Thanks too for Feel Good Community and Archon Community for the support. Hope you like my entry to this new challenge edition.

All photos are my original. Thanks for dropping by.


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