Photochain Challenge: 109th Edition Entry

Hello to all the members of this community! The 108th edition was really a challenging photochain edition to me but I end up getting the honorable mention. It was really awesome and thankful to @davidesimoncini for choosing my photo. This time I would like to participate in this new 109th edition with the key subject: POST and PLANE. My key word is WHITE.

This is the Philippine airline. I have this photo when my cousin took off after visiting Japan for a week vacation with his friend. This is my entry!

The preparation for taking off as it run the runway.

Before taking off loading passengers.

All of this happened inside the Narita International Airport. A 3 hours commute from my place. The airplane took off so calmly as I was watching it from the cabin up to the runway and even took a video while flying! A very rare kind of experience to me for I always walked down the airport hallway boarding a plane without taking any pictures of it.

Thank you to all for visiting my blog! All photos are my original.


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