Photo Chain Challenge Entry 106th Edition

Hello everyone here on Feel Good community!

This is my 2nd entry and I want to thank @davidesimoncini for choosing my 1st entry for leaves and tree subjects as prized for the Second Honorable Mention. I really wanted to join the 104th and 105th edition but because of health issues and no photo available for the two key words, I just waited for the next. This time I searched and found the two key subjects in my photo album for this 106th edition…ROCK and STRIPES and my key word is PEOPLE.

Here are the photos:

A Buddhist temple founded in 1128. A popular temple for the first visit of worship in new year or “hatsumode”. According to, this temple is the 3rd largest figure in Kanagawa, Japan.

THE ROCK - The big rock in front is a stone carved relief feature of the temple. Most of the temples here are decorated with different kinds of rock or stone carvings representing the images from the life of Buddha. (

THE STRIPES - As you can see the curtain stripes in front of the temple with the colors of green, violet, white, red and yellow, it represent a celebration or occasion since it was the New Year’s Day.

This is my entry and hope you like it.

This is the front image of the temple. You can see inside a lot of people paying visit for the new year’s blessings. Asking for love relationship, good health, good life and many other things.


I would like to thank @davidesimoncini for initiating this kind of contest. To the Feel Good community for supporting this kind of contest many thanks.

I hope that you enjoyed reading and good luck to all participants. If you want to participate too, follow the guidelines.

All photos are my original. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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