Phonography / Phone Photography Contest - 08

Signing out of a 4year degree course turned 5 as a result of COVID-19 and incessant ASUU strikes in my country, was a big milestone in the life of my Son. Clinching a Bachelor Of Science degree in Pure and Industrial Chemistry was another one, and you can't just imagine how proud this Mother has been.

It was a long and dark night but we made it through....

Congratulations Son! For making it worth the while, it was tough but you were tougher and I thank my God for coming through for us, especially in times when paying fees was daunting.

I marvel at how much you have grown, I haven't even blinked my eyes since you were a cuddly little baby...😊

Thank you again for focusing on your goals and saying 'NO' to all forms of vices...🙏

Thank you for being an inspiration and a role model to your younger sister.

A big congratulations to Mama's grown up 'little boy'.

All photos are my authorship and is for the purpose of this contest. Check here for details

I am @edith-4angelseu and thank you for stopping by my neighbourhood.

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