Phone photography contest: A Local African Market

Fridays are market days in my town. This is not the modern kind of market, but the local market where women spray their commodities in the open space awaiting buyers. One fascinating thing about local market is that the prices for their commodities are cheaper and you can bargain with the sellers to reduce prices.

I'm using redmi 10. The camera isn't that good with 50mp camera. I had captured a few places in the market. these are places I had gone to get some commodities and places I passed through.

If you've never seen a typical Nigeria market, this is how it looks like. Not all fancy, sellers open large umbrellas to cover themselves from the scorching sun, and narrow paths that leads to sections where different commodities are sold.

The above pictures were taken randomly as i walked around the market. I had stopped to get some spaghetti, pack of maggi and tomatoes pasta. The sun was high, I couldn't focus the camera clearly but I was able to take these shots. I hope you like it.

This is in response to the Contest for the photography contest. Its still active for participation

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