Season hunt challenge- Christmas ornaments

Hello everyone. It is my first entry in Season Hunt Challenge. Thanks to @barbara-orenya for all her efforts.
I’ve run across the contest by accident. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Time for presents, time for a holiday, quality time with family and friends…
My post will be fully related to my home decoration. I’ve tried to create a festive atmosphere, I am happy with the result and would love to share it with you.


On the second picture Is the Christmas corner in my living room.


This is how my Christmas tree looked like few days ago.


Yesterday I add some more ornaments that I’ve bought from the garden centre in Launceston. There were such a beautiful things and it was hard for me to take a decision which ones to buy. I’ve got a pair of glass baubles



The third one is my favourite. I am in love with the shape of this ornament. I particularly like this shade of blue and think that golden accent is amazingly beautiful.


On the next picture is a Christmas gift that I keep under the tree. This type of ornaments is very common this year in UK.



On my window I have a small collection of different things. I like all of it, but my favourite is probably the wooden one with bird houses. I think this is the special one cause tells its own story by all the components on it like birds, berries snow roofs…



Of course what is a Christmas without a Poinsettia. The most popular plant during the winter holiday.


The last ornament that I am sharing with you is the lovely Christmas wreath made by one talented lady I have the honour of knowing. I like natural materials and I really enjoy it.


It was a pleasure to write this post :) I wish everyone a lot of happiness during the upcoming holidays.

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