Photochain Challenge - CALL FOR FUTURE [and 144th Edition's Winners]


As you read in the title of the post, this time I have some bad news. But I have to explain with a bit of story about the contest. Two weeks ago something happened that I didn't expect and that has now resulted in a slew of downvotes with which a circle of Hive users has decided to honor me. I will create a more detailed post in the next few days, but at the moment the gist of the matter is this:

Except for some little help from some contest participants (which I obviously thanked and thank again today), from the beginning, for the weekly contest prizes, I relied on the earnings (various tokens) I was able to achieve with my curations, delegations and, mainly, with my posts. Today, this is no longer possible, because the downvotes I'm receiving go to reset the earnings I would have with my posts. Unfortunately, I can't do anything to stop them, because the reason for these downvotes started from the fact that the translations of an author's post: must not be published, or published without any type of possibility to receive a contribution/earning. As a result of my refusal to submit to this policy by some influential members of the community, I am (and will be) inundated with downvotes which will drop the value of my posts to zero. This is already the case for all the posts of the last week, including the one Photochain-tagged.

Here we come to the second point of the question: Photochain is a contest that I would like to continue to develop and keep alive, but this is not possible for me on the Hive blockchain following the adverse events I told you about. Continuing to do so here would only mean squandering what little income I've managed to scrape together in about 4 years of blogging and, more importantly for me, it would mean continuing to advertise to a clique of individuals whose ideas I consider criminal due to their discriminatory contents and actions.

And so I ask you, starting an official survey:
“If I told you that you wanted to continue the chain on the blockchain where Photochain was born, that is Steemit, what would you tell me? Do you have any contrary opinions for which you refuse, or do you think you can participate there?”
I repeat: unfortunately, at the present time, it is impossible for me to carry on Photochain on Hive. The choice today is whether to do it on Steemit or not to do it at all. I appeal to you to tell me what you think of a possible moving, and to make me understand if the contest could have a sufficient audience to go ahead there, at least for a while.

I'm sorry again for going so far, but the situation called for it. Having said that, below you will find the usual post with only the awarding part. The prizes will be sent as usual, while the Photochain Fund will be blocked until the possible resumption of the contest or at the end of the quarter that makes up the current amount of shares. Now I say goodbye and leave you to the awards. However, I ask you again for your personal opinion on the possible migration of the contest to the Steemit platform. I hope I explained the situation in a clear way.

Thanks, Davide.

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Hello World!

The Photochain Challenge is a blockchain-like photography contest. If you would like to know more about, read the Photochain Challenge INTRODUCTION Post on HIVE. There, I explain the functioning of the contest and how to participate. I changed the rules for the winner prize several editions ago.

In this post, I'll announce the 2 (two) winners of the 144th Edition of the Contest. Within the next 72 hours, I'll reward both of them with 1 HIVE - as explained in the rules - and will post in the comment section of the 144TH EDITION the transaction confirmation links.

And the Winner is...

The 144th Edition counted 9 (nine) valid participants.

The two Key-Subjects were:

Tree(s) and Uniform

These are the 2 (two) Winners of the 144th Edition:

Winner 1


with a parade "in red"

The personal subject is Parade

Winner 2


with three young scouts
(and a little edit by me)

The personal subject is Socks

As I promised, I will award the 2 winners with 1 HIVE token each, and I will award the other 2 photos that I appreciated more during the edition with 1 HIVE SBI.

The first honorable mention:

by @apnigrich

The second honorable mention:

by @kvinkyl


Thank you EVERYONE for participating in this week's contest!
@castri-ja @isabelpena @hindavi @apnigrich @eolianpariah2 @elitogold @prudens @kvinkyl @adinapoli

I received ECENCY POINTS to redistribute during the edition. So, I will award each valid entry with 10 Ecency Points (up to the 25th entry). Soon I'll send the Points to the last week edition participants.

The Feel Good community became an ARCHON-supported community , so you can enjoy the benefits of the Archon landscape, a community with its own token and reward system. You can find more information on the OFFICIAL ARCHON COMMUNITY PAGE or on its DISCORD CHANNEL.

A big thank you to @archonapp



I explained in the Introduction Post that you can participate by submitting a photo in the comment section below: you must be the author of the photo.

The photo must contain the two Key-Subjects - that will be communicated in each New Edition post - and another key-subject of your choice (also contained in the photo). I also explained THERE how the key-subjects will change and the criteria with which I'll choose them.




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