📸My Entry for Phone Photography Contest 1 feel good📢

Hello hiver friend ,
I hope you are doing well. Today i will participate phone photography contest 01 organised by @untilwelearn . Untilwelearn give us this chance in the community Feel Good created by @barbara-orenya.
This is an ideal situation for phone photographers, with the goal of motivating those who capture images using their phones. This is a great chance for your photos to be in the spotlight and receive some appreciation. You are also participate this contest .link: @untilwelearn/phonography-phone-photography-contest-01
My Entry For Phone photography Contest 01

I am joining a phone photography contest and I am snapping close-up shots that focus on the eyes. This photo capture small details that we often miss, showing how even simple things can be beautiful up close. I am reminded of a Hindi film song about eyes. My goal is to share my perspective and make people see the world differently through my photo.

The second photo was taken morning.In the second picture, during sunrise, the sunlight filtered through the leaves, creating a stunning scene. That's when I took this photo with my phone.
I enjoying participating in this contest.Overall, this contest has been a fantastic journey, and I look forward to the remaining challenges ahead.
Thank you for visiting my blog🇮🇳🙏

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