Photochain Challenge: 142th Ship(s) and Lightbulbs

Hi hivers friends, once again I find myself writing one of the weekly posts that I like to write the most and it's my entry to the Photochain Challenge 142

This challenge is organized weekly by @davidesimoncini and consists of posting a photo that has the two keywords chosen by the two winners of last week and suggesting a keyword of an element that is in the photo that one presents since in the case of being the winner this element must be in the photo of the following week.

In the case of this week's contest, the photo to be submitted must contain ship(s) and lightbulbs, since last week @Arbalestarx7 as winner suggested the word ship(s) and @Dailyspam as second winner suggested the word lightbulbs.

This week I had some difficulty to participate until today because in my photo library the boats that I have photographed could not be seen bulbs or spotlights. Therefore, today that I have arrived at the village where my mother lives which is on the coast of Asturias (Spain) I moved to a town located 8 km from home that has a small pier.

The curious thing is that although there were a lot of small boats, I could not find a photograph of them in which I could differentiate well the other object demanded in the contest, that is to say, I did not see any kind of bulb.

Finally, when I thought that my trip to the pier would not bear fruit, I saw that there was a small boat in the outer area of the port and this boat had, on the one hand, a small orange lantern and also a kind of cylindrical lightbulb that I guess that serves to illuminate the position of the boat at night in case of going out to fish.

Photography submited in the contest

As you can see, the picture I selected shows a boat with a light bulb on top and I include the word "sea" as a keyword in case I am the winner this week.
I hope you like my contribution this week.

A cordial greeting.

Photograph taken with my Iphone SE.

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