Photochain Challenge: 141th (COLOURFUL and CLOUDS)

Hi hivers friends, once again I find myself writing one of the weekly posts that I like to write the most and it's my entry to the Photochain Challenge 141

This challenge is organized weekly by @davidesimoncini and consists of posting a photo that has the two keywords chosen by the two winners of last week and suggesting a keyword of an element that is in the photo that one presents since in the case of being the winner this element must be in the photo of the following week.

In the case of this week's contest, the photo to be submitted must contain clouds and colourful, since last week @Arbalestarx7 as winner suggested the word clouds and @Tampilyne as second winner suggested the word colourful.

To participate in this week's contest I'm going to use a photograph of a colorful candy kiosk that I took a few weeks ago in the city of Valladolid (Spain) when I was walking with my smartphone in search of shadows, reflections and urban artworks for the contests organized weekly by @melinda010100, @olgavita and @digi-me from the #shadowhunters and #streetart communities.

Photography submited in the contest

As you can see, the photograph in question shows a colourful field where there are birds flying, a rainbow, trees, clouds, and a sun. I wonder where the rain is for the rainbow to form with the sun, but it is an irrelevant question, but from the moment I took the picture I wondered how can there be a rainbow without rain.

Before I say goodbye, I want to tell you that in the case of being one of the two winners, my proposed word is rainbow. Reviewing my photographs of the last months I do not have rainbows, so if I am the winner I will have to make one in the laboratory by scattering white light in its components, although I do not know if I would have the components to do it.

I hope you like my contribution this week.

A cordial greeting.

Photograph taken with my Iphone SE.

Cover and banners created with (free version).

Translated with (free version)

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