Seasonal Hunting - Santa Claus & Grandfather Frost

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This week's theme is "SANTAS & ELVES".

Who is Santa Claus in Russia? It's a wizard Grandfather Frost.
In the old Slavic mythology, it was an evil wizard who could freeze everything around him. But for some time he has become a kind grandfather who gives gifts to children for the New Year. This happened in Soviet times when the Christmas holiday was canceled.
In the 90s, after the death of the USSR, Santa Claus began to appear on the territory of Russia. Russian Grandfather Frost has an assistant, his granddaughter Snow Maiden. And Santa has helpers Elves - magical little men.

This is Grandfather Frost in his residence in Veliky Ustyug. His granddaughter lives in Kostroma. They are together only during the celebration of the New Year.
Veliky Ustyug is an old Russian city in the Vologda region. It used to be called the "Russian North" because this region is located north of Moscow. But now the concept of North is much more northerly than Vologda and Veliky Ustyug. And in Soviet times, cartoons said that Grandpa Frost lives at the North Pole. But now he has moved to live closer to people.

In this photo, my daughter is 8 years old. She's the same height as Santa Claus. She is now 26 years old.

Probably, there are a lot more figurines of the owner of the residence in this room now. Still, it's been 18 years since the day I was there on a visit.

I forgot about another assistant of Grandpa Frost. It's a Snowman! Such a cheerful snow man. Yes. It's all made of snow.
An interesting story turned out with this snowman. 10 years ago, the youngest daughter said - I want a snowman under my Christmas tree for the New Year. On December 30, my wife and I toured a lot of shops in the regional center and there were no snowmen anywhere. well, or there were very small ones that need to be hung on the Christmas tree. We were about to go home but stopped in front of a pharmacy. Next to the pharmacy there was a small shop selling all sorts of trinkets and in the window there was this snowman! He was waiting for us!!!! And now he's been sitting under our Christmas tree for 10 years.




At the feet of these strange Grandpa Frost and Snow Maiden, who stood last year in the central square of our city, my daughter is sitting.
The daughter seems very small compared to the giants behind her.

Friends, look. Here he is the real Santa Claus. Drunk Santa Claus! Oh my god. How many times have I been put on a Santa Claus costume on all sorts of New Year's holidays. They say that I am very suitable for this role because I have kind eyes.

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