Season Hunt challenge, we are chasing HOT DRINKS ☕ - COFFEE

Hello, my friends.

Oh, yes! The hostess of the Season Hunter challenge knows what a person needs on a cold winter day.
@barbara-orenya chose the theme of the week - HOT DRINKS ☕

I'm going to make coffee today. I'll brew it in a geyser coffee maker. I started drinking coffee literally 4 years ago. Before that, I preferred to drink black tea. I just realized that tea began to bother me and I began to drink coffee for a change.

In order to get a coffee drink, one coffee grinder is not enough. We also need grains that need to be ground.
So I take the grains and go to grind them.
My wife and I prefer coffee with vanilla shades or Irish liqueur. Initially, I liked cappuccino and having sugar in it. But afterwards I gave up sugar. By the way, I prefer tea without sugar too since I was 18.



I use an electric coffee grinder to grind the grains. Of course, it is more aesthetically pleasing to grind with a hand mill, but for a long time.


Well, the grains are ground, the water is poured into the container, it remains to put the coffee in the coffee maker, assemble it into one, and put it on the stove.


Sorry, friends, I completely forgot about aesthetics. There are frying pans on the stove. Well, that's what is, from is. Not everything is always beautiful. Moreover, my wife was away, I lived alone and I didn't have time for beauty.

When I chose an inexpensive coffee maker, I immediately refused drip. And I don't like "Turks". The "geyser" option remained. I realized that this is the option I need! And that it should be made of stainless steel, not aluminum alloy.
That's it, steam appeared, the coffee maker hissed, so all the water from the lower tank passed through the coffee powder to the upper part. The coffee is ready! I can pour it into a cup.


At work in the office, I make myself pure black coffee. and at home I prefer to add milk to coffee. Well, and a little something else in the snack for coffee, for example, gingerbread.

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